Choose from our hand-picked travel destinations that will freshen up your mind and soul in UAE.
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Top 15 Travel Gems

Explore the land of soulful food, sci-fi-esque skyscrapers, heritage sites, beaches, deserts, and a lot more! The seven emirates of UAE, each with its own characteristic appeal, offer much desired experience, fed with adventure and inspiration. From culture to architecture, this land of hospitable people and endless opportunities has diversity in everything.

Trip First brings you the top 15 travel gems here:


Boasting the finest alchemy of traditions and offbeat lifestyle, Dubai is the powerhouse of UAE. Energy and optimism swanks throughout the city – in its world’s tallest building, world’s fastest rollercoaster, palm-shaped islands, museums, dynamic cultures, farmer’s markets, and fine-dine restaurants. Shopping is not an activity, but a lifetime experience here.

Abu Dhabi  

Want to take once-in-a-lifetime challenge? Visit Abu Dhabi. Sip your evening tea at Observation Deck 300 that offers one of the highest views in Middle East, or check out the world’s largest hand-loomed rug, which is 5,630 m2 in size. Abu Dhabi is also known as the world’s largest cluster of cultural and historical buildings.


This Cultural Capital of the Arab World flaunts a unique character, a perfect amalgam of modern lifestyle and historic infrastructure. Visit excellent museums, heritage sites, art galleries, or simply enjoy the flavors of world’s finest olives and dates here. The outskirts of Sharjah connect with top destinations in UAE, while the historic old town has bricked streets – perfect to navigate on foot.

Al Ain  

UAE’s Garden City, Al Ain is also the birthplace of Sheikh Zayed, the founder. This beautiful destination is nestled between Oman and the Gulf. Its central date-palm oasis, natural springs, and mountains are epitome of the Mother Nature’s blessings. Jebel Hafeet is ideal for a bird’s eye view of the town. Forts, zoos, museums, and a lot more awaits you at Al Ain.


Economical, yet luxurious! The smallest of seven emirates in UAE, Ajman is the world-class destination, known for its simplicity and variety. Sandy beaches, long shores, wide roads, heritage buildings, museum, and beautiful date and palm trees along the shore make Ajman a luxury in itself.

Al Gharbia  

Want to pause your life and restore its tranquility? Visit Al Gharbia! A mystical destination, where the wind silently whispers secrets and life mutes as if in far-lands. Al Gharbia is all-desert throughout the year. It connects two totally distinctive poles of life – a place where you can eat freshly grilled fish in the desert and smoke sheeshah while adoring refreshing breeze of Liwa Oasis.

Ras Al Khaimah  

The northernmost emirate of UAE, Ras Al Khaimah is surrounded with sky-hugging Hajar Mountains. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, Ras Al Khaimah is your place to be. Its sandy beaches, hot springs, cool oasis, and sun-bathed mountains offer so much variety at one destination that you would want to extend your stay here.

Khor Fakkan 

Popular for its white sandy beach, with huge black stones and deep-blue water, that is so enthralling that you will want to absorb bright sunshine twinkling in its each drop! The small town of Khor Fakkan connects UAE with the east coast of the Gulf of Oman. It is located at only one hour drive from Dubai.


Fujairah is your go-to destination, if you want to explore the authentic Dubai heritage. A 360-degree view of the Emirate makes it look like the brightest morning of season. All buildings, from mosques to houses, have been whitewashed and surrounded with tall palm and date trees. The beautiful Sheikh Zayed Mosque stands tall within the city. Al Badiyah Mosque is located 30-minutes’ drive north from Fujeirah.


A unique town at only 90-minutes from Dubai, Dibba is partially nestled in Sharjah and Oman. It is considered as the site where Islamic campaigns were launched around 1400 years ago by the first Muslim Caliphate. Historians believe that around 10,000 Azd tribe members lost their lives in Dibba. Archaeologists have found centuries’ old bones, which have been kept in the museum.

Um Al Quwain  

Situated at only 70-minutes’ drive from Dubai, the life at Um Al Quwain is entirely opposite to Dubai’s lifestyle. It has a unique kind of retro feel, which absorbs you in its tranquility. Visit Um Al Quwain if you want to experience the pre-oil era in UAE. The Al Sinniyah Island is rich in tropical flora and fauna.

Khor Kalba  

Visit the gateway to UAE’s wetlands and endangered species. The internationally-acclaimed Globally Significant Wetland, Khor Kalba is the coastal enclave of Sharjah – the natural landscape with population of Socotra Cormorants. Feed the Green turtles or watch kingfisher and other birds with telescope.

Jebel Ali  

Rich marine life and Middle East’s largest marine terminal are not the only highlights of Jebel Ali. It is a destination, where luxury and modern lifestyle are celebrated. Visit the sandy Jebel Ali beach or plan an educative trip to the world’s largest desalination plant here. Jebel Ali Port connects six continent, and serves as a premiere gateway to connect 140 marine ports. Want to visit the Palm Islands?


Once a small fishing headland, Ruwais is one of the largest business hubs in Middle East. Don’t miss visiting Ruwais if you want to explore the popular Middle Eastern oil wells closely. This small city houses all tourist destinations, which you will find in big cities, but with a sweet touch of tranquility. A 10-minute drive from Ruwais will land you in vast golf courses, built in sandy deserts.


A beautiful exclave with chocolate brown mountains and deep green water, Hatta is nestled high in Hajar Mountains. Offering a natural escape from the hustle bustle of life, it is a popular destination for hiking, biking and kayaking. It is located at only one hour drive from Downtown Dubai. A breathtaking landscape seared with restorative serenity, Hatta is your go-to destination for adventure filled romantic vacation.